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About me

I am Elena, mum of four, Italian, living in Denmark,  since 2012 with my danish husband and my family .

I love water and yoga, I have an advanced swimming teacher diploma since 15 years and I have a long experience as swimming teacher for adults, children, babies (also with special needs people and kids),  pregnant women,  water wellness (shiatsu in the water- watsu and yoga in the water) and free diving.

What I can offer

Yoga e Scienza

Inspired by this positive will, teachers and collaborators of the So’ham Association have given life to the Yoga and Science project, in order to seek a constructive exchange, to offer simple and clear information on the major issues of health, ecology, the relationship between man and the environment.


A cocoon to wrap you in a warm and protective embrace

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Regular sessions

These are regular group class online. I use ZOOM for these online sessions, but in case you can´t be present live I record the class and send the link to the recorded class . I prefer to know personally (brief phone call / private session / mail ) every participant to adapt the class to the students
Yoga online for all in english
Yoga online gravidanza
Yoga online in italiano
Regular session, workshops and retreats
At the moment the live regular classes and workshops are suspended because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Special classes

Yoga Nidra
Short relaxation or short pranayama practice
Long relaxation -visualization
Gong bath

Private single session

The private session is a customize 1:1 class that can last 30/35 minute to 1h or even longer If necessary.
It can be a yoga class specific for your needs, it can be an explanation of some sequences, positions, pranayama, relaxation, or other techniques. There will be discount for regular private sessions or if you are already part of a class. The private session can be also online (using ZOOM platform or another preferred platform) or in your place (in case the place is within 5 km from Hellebæk-DK- no transportation expenses request)

Swimming and water therapy and WELLNESS CLASSES

Together with the love for yoga I have a special love for the water. I am certified swimming teacher with more then 20 years of experience , I am also bathing assistant and I have a preparation in water wellness, yoga in the water, water therapy, watsu (shiatzu in the water) , pregnant women and special needs children and adults.
I can also help in open water swimming session and free diving .
Private sessions
Group sessions


Dott.ssa Claudia Cornali psychotherapy and mindfulness

Transcultural , core shamanism

Maternage, pre and post partum

Zen, qi gong classes

Gong and meditative instruments

Special needs project:

(water and yoga)  primary ciliary dyskinesia Facebook

Autism Empathy for Children | Facebook

Water and other sports and special needs; with the participation of Bruno Frangi, Vice President, Responsible an Technical coordinator of AUS Sportiva , Ospedale Maggiore di Milano Niguarda www.asdausportiva.it

Travels and retreats

Ludovica Ibba nutritionist for kids and adults

Cristina educatrice perinatale e babywearing




Bøssemagergade 80, 3150 Hellebæk, Denmark