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COCOON , to hug, to massage, to dance, to evolve

Fotograf Vibe Juul Sannig,

Intuitive dancing and YOGA at Duemosegaard

       Beautiful yoga, a way to remove blocks, constrains, pains.. just let go and healing in a yoga flow accessible to everyone and then .. move the body and soul in a pure pleasure intuitive dance with beautiful music from different cultures and rhitms. Cocoon...

COCOON, to hug, embrace, dance, explore and EVOLVE

COCOON, in few words and imagines …what is, why … how to order

Respirare nella vita

Respirare, semplice , eppure cosi´ difficile in alcuni momenti ma cosi´ fondamentale per vivere .Lo yoga e´anche respiro, e´consapevolezza del respiro, e´ utilizzare il respiro come via per purificarsi, liberarsi da cio´ che non serve . Respirare e´ sentire da dove...




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