Beautiful yoga, a way to remove blocks, constrains, pains.. just let go and healing in a yoga flow accessible to everyone and then .. move the body and soul in a pure pleasure intuitive dance with beautiful music from different cultures and rhitms.

Cocoon (see blog about) massage and use to feel the power of the central part of our body, our inner fire .

Deep relaxation followed by gong, tibetan bells and healing sounds from meditative instruments. 

Nice , warm atmosphere, embracing and open mind people, multicultural group and all immerse in the Natural beauty of Duemosegaard fabulous location and magic and powerful hosting.

Thanks to Heather and Ross. To be repeated, in a evolution of feeling and knowledge of ourself, our inner power of healing and feeling good. 

In 2023 we will meet for yoga , therapeutic yoga sessions, followed by intuitive dance and cocoon massage every last wednesday of the month, starting from 22 February 2023, 1830-20 .

It will be a moment of sharing, let it go, healing and pure wellness.

For info about cost and booking please write to